Welcome to North Pond Restaurant. We feature a four course tasting menu for dinner and a three course prix fixe for Sunday brunch. All of the tables at North Pond are by reservation only. Our intimate setting is such that we can accommodate a certain number of people in an evening. We do our best to accommodate requests and we honor those requests on a first come, first served basis. We do accommodate some dietary restrictions and we take allergies seriously. Please specify if you or your guest has an allergy or a preference when noting it in your reservation.
We do not offer valet parking. We accept reservations for a maximum of 6 people at one table. All tables for more than 4 people are seated in our main dining room. Should you have any questions or if there is anything we can do for you, please ask.

Situated in the heart of Lincoln Park, at the edge of a pond overlooking the dramatic Chicago skyline, North Pond can easily claim the loveliest setting in the city. The structure that houses North Pond was built in 1912 as a warming shelter for ice skaters, and has been redesigned according to the Arts and Crafts tradition. The Arts and Crafts ideal is also found throughout North Pond’s culinary style. Drawing inspiration from the local market, Chef César Murillo and Pastry Chef Laura Thomasson utilize exceptional ingredients at the height of their season. North Pond supports small, local farmers, growers and producers and treats their product with respect and care in the kitchen. The path from earth to plate remains clear and our cuisine reflects the decor of the dining room – layers of subtle craft beneath a simple decorative style.